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  1. Coastal Girl

    My first new car was a 1999 Honda CR-V. In the nearly two decades of owning it, I have never had any mechanical issues. I always performed regular basic upkeep and all the preventative maintenance.My CR-V’s reliability is what drove me to stay with Honda. I just got a 2018 Honda CR-V Touring (Lunar Silver) and I am in love. All the safety features are amazing. My insurance was actually cheaper on the new car due to all the safety features.I love the Adaptive Cruise Control, Lane Keeping Assistance, blind spot monitors and backup camera with cross traffic detection. The LCD screen is large and easy to navigate. I really enjoy using the Apple CarPlay. Coming from a first generation CR-V, I am pleasantly surprised at how much power the newer CR-Vs have.The driver seat can be programmed to driver 1 and driver 2 preference. The car detects each driver based on the key fob and adjust the seat settings the moment you open the door to get in.Both the driver and front passenger seats are heated. The windshield wipers can be set to detect rain and come on automatically. I have mine set on automatic and so far the auto detect feature works perfectly. I live in a wet, rainy climate so I use the wipers daily.The only down side I have with the car is that the back seats are not heated. The leather seats can be shockingly cold and rear heated seats would have been useful with the leather.I’ve only had the car a few weeks so I am learning more and more about all the features. It’s a fun car to drive!I will include pictures of both my CR-Vs. I still have my original one. Still runs great and I have a ton of memories from all our adventures in it.UPDATE 4/26/2018 – I just got back from a road trip where I was getting 34.5 MPG. I am loving the fuel efficiency on this car! My original CR-V never even got the gas mileage it was supposed to get so having the car actually get better mileage than estimated is a pleasant surprise. During my trip on various crowded freeways, interstates, etc I learned a few things about the car’s safety features that I wish I had known sooner. Keep in mind that you always have the option to turn off these features if these are things you don’t like but ‘m growing quite fond of them. I did however run into an issue that was downright frightening and I learned my lesson. I was driving on an interstate, when I had to take a different turn off onto another highway and it was a split second decision. I failed to use my signal. If you don’t use your signal when departing lanes at 45 mph or above the lane departure feature thinks you are unable to control the car and the warnings come on, steering wheel shakes and as what happened to me during this event…. the car decides to start slowing to stop me from crashing or something. Ever suddenly stop on an exit of a busy interstate? People behind you get pretty upset. I couldn’t get it to stop doing this. I was a bit shook up after I got to my destination and started researching what happened. I realized I had failed to use my turn signal and the failure on my part made the car think I was leaving the lane unintentionally. I can see where this feature could have the potential to save your life but you have to always remember to use your signal to avoid going through the issue that I did. Its not the cars fault. It was my fault.I am actually pretty impressed the car is capable of doing all the things it does. I can’t wait to take it on another road trip.

  2. MAShopper

    I test drove the RAV4, the Mazda CX5, and the Nissan Rogue before the CRV.Hands down, the CRV takes it. I ended up buying the 2018 CRV EX. The CRV has more features, rides better, more comfortable, better acceleration, crazy good gas mileage, I am averaging 33mpg right now and that is not highway. Highway I get about 36mg with an average speed of 74mph. There is cavernous space for the back seat passengers. Easily fit 2 adults over 6 feet tall back there. Cargo area is massive. You just get so much more for the money and the Honda holds its value better than anything else in this class.I posted a pic as proof I actually own one 🙂

  3. DB

    Just bought a 2018 CRV EX-L w/Nav last week (see pic of actual car). I own a 2014 Odyssey which continues to be a great vehicle but wanted to add a vehicle to the family roster that had all the latest accident avoidance safety features and excellent crash test ratings. The recently redesigned CRV fit the bill.Unfortunately in all my safety research I somehow missed the very serious oil dilution issue that is plaguing the CRV’s turbocharged 1.5L engine. Google it for full details, but basically an issue with the engine design is allowing gas to get into the oil which dilutes the viscosity of the oil and could likely result in increased engine wear and eventual failure or costly repairs. Honda says it’s mostly an issue in cold climate areas – but don’t believe it because it’s also happening to CRVs in the southern states.The situation is so bad that China halted the sale of the CRV (same model/engine as in U.S. and Canada). Honda is apparently rolling out some engine programming tweaks that they say will help the issue but nobody knows yet if they will really work.If I had to do it over again I would have waited until the issue was definitely resolved – or bought a different vehicle. Meanwhile, I just purchased an 8yr/120K miles HondaCare extended warranty for some peace of mind and have adjusted my expectations to assume that the engine might be too damaged to maintain once it’s beyond the extended warranty. So far this former Honda fan is VERY disappointed!

  4. Karl Moore

    I had an Element EX for over eight years and was loathe to get a new car. After over a year of research I decided to go with the CRV EX.

  5. Bored at work

    I love the center console. It has tons of storage space. It has two USB ports in the front , two ports for the back. The cargo space is larger in comparison to the other vehicles in its class. It is roomy for back passengers.

  6. Bat21Tiger

    We bought our 4th Honda last month, an Obsidian Blue Honda CR-V LX. The first plus I noted was the new 1.5 Litre turbo charged engine, providing more power and torque than the 2.4L used in older models and the 2019 EX. The fuel economy is better, the ride is better than our previous model and the ‘extras’ that are standard on the CR-V are ‘optional’ on most of the competitors. Optional extras like carpet treatment, paint and rust protection as well as the side bump/scratch protectors are recommended and worth the extra money. Great car.

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