2019 Toyota Camry XLE

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  1. Christopher M Velez

    This car is amazing…It’s my fiancé’s car she got for Xmas. The XSE is Chill White with the Red seats & fully loaded. There is a rediculous amount of Tech in this car…honestly, I knew Toyota ia a great company as I’ve owned Lexus before but they have re-invented what this car was into what it is now…truly a joy to drive while the tech keeps ur driving environment on constant vigilance. I really can’t say a bad thing about this car…if I had to reach I would like 20” concave wheels maybe staggered! Truly awesome car….Great job Toyota!

  2. BigGunz

    I love the simple yet technological interior. Exterior design is great as well. I don’t care much for the forward sensing cruise control because I’m a “driver”. The fuel economy alone is what sealed the deal for me. It’s a high quality vehicle in my opinion. 43 y/o and this is the first Toyota I’ve owned. So far, I’m impressed.

  3. Lime-g

    Great car has a lot of get up and go and that’s before switching to sports mode. Auto start is a paid service through Toyota remote application. The GPS inside that comes with the car is trash GPS scout is a horrible application I cant wear my watch and be connected (Samsung) also the map tells you to go the wrong way on a one way street. Doesn’t have android drive so no GPS with the car that’s unusable.

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